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Rowling, I WANT TO PUNISH YOU! [Jul. 20th, 2007|06:35 pm]
Its a fake - And all will not be well.
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UNTIL YOUR HAND STARTS BLEEDING. please stop questioning our intelligence by writing such hogwash and then acting as if you have written the BIGGEST EPIC in the history of literature!!!!

You tell us in the interview that Grindelwald is dead and then you bring him back alive? AND WHO THE FUCK IS THIS BARBAGE??!!! never heard of this teacher. I DIDN"T even feel sympathetic when she died. ACCIO HAGRID! ACCIO ROWLING!!! So that I can KILL HER!


I'm sorry, this post looks awful, but believe me, it still can't do justice to how rotten I FEEL AND HOW MUCH I WAS SWEARING WHEN SHE WAS READING THAT BOOK. I felt like picking her up from that throne and dropping her on the ground with such force that she would never be able to get up, LET ALONE WRITE ANOTHER HARRY POTTER BOOK. I thought that OoTP is the Worst, BUT SHE has surpassed herself! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WHY THE FUCK does she have that smug expression on her face as if she has written an epic? Those poor kids were sleepy and pissed off. Nobody even smiled or acted shocked. Only when he gave that funny expression did they realize that she is done reading. I would have screamed in the middle "I MUST NOT TELL LIES".

I HATE YOU JK ROWLING! I REALLY DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Edit: I am not that pissed off anymore ;) I am re-reading the book and understanding the subtleties that
were lost in the first read. The book is actually not that bad. Hell, I am thinking of re-reading the entire series. :)

Edit 2: I have closed the comments for this thread. Thank you all!