Looking again at the Hermionepotter77 pictures

I was referred to this site by Messha1971 when I opened my new blog trying to figure out WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED in the writing of Deathly Hallows.  Since I was intentionally off the internet during the spoiler period, I missed all the spoilers being posted.  I notice here that Perididdle posted the 6 Hermionepotter77 pictures in a photo Gallery comparing them to the carpet book.  When someone sent me two of the pictures at my diatssise site (Chapter 3 and The Other Cave) I started believing that maybe the Hermionepotter77 pictures were pictures of the original manuscript of Deathly Hallows prior to editing, but like Meesha1971 pointed out, this doesn't seem likely to me anymore because the pages on the TOC all matched up with the actual book.  Unless just the TOC was a fake picture then it is likely that chapter3, the other cave, and the epiloge were all fakes.

Does anyone who was following this community during the spoiler period know if there was a different TOC then the carpet book or the Hermionepotter77 picture that contained a chapter called the other cave or Wither thou Goest.

All members of this community are welcome to visit and view my journal and give their imput.  I'm about to concede that in all probablity my over-editing theory appears to not be confirmed by the Hermionepotter77 pictures.

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Alas, almost one year has passed.

I miss this community :( No wait that isnt how I'm going to begin.

No, to all of you thinking I have changed and stopped typing my thought processes. It will be the death of me! I swear!

Almost a year as has passed since I ate that damn paper hat. I did put the video on youtube, so if anyone still doesnt believe me I can repost it if you like XD

Anyway, just want to thank you all for making this community so awesome, and making those few weeks awesome. We were the ones who had faith. Faith in JK Rowling. Faith in the so called security measures put in place. Faith in Bloomsbury. Most of all faith that Harry Potter wouldnt end with the deadly epilogue of doom where all was well. *cough*

So we had faith. But because we were the cool ones we took the fact we were wrong well. We cryed more that Harry Potter ended with the crapilogue of doom than the fact we were wrong.

I enjoyed going to the launch (I was the first in queue in my town, fyi) with AS/S written on my hands and cheeks, with my best friend, who I tell everything to, looking at me with a perplexed look of amusement. I just said "You wouldn't understand... Long story" and sighed.

I miss you all and this community, though it created an amazing relationship with one of my best online mateys tommayto Who i love dearly - she not only helped me through Harry Potter and the crapilogue of doom but the past year <33

That is the end of my woeful rant, I hope you've all had a great year since this disaster that we all experienced together :P Drop me a line any of you if you want to chat.

I am, much like many people, planning on waking up one day and watching the news to be told it was fake. I think the best thing to come out of deathlyepilogue hallows was Dumbly being gay and that wasnt even in the damned book!

Love all you fake campers!

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So...I know it's been months since DH came out, and no one probably reads this comm much anymore, but I feel like I need to say this. I need to get this off my chest:

I fondly look back on the book release party when I proudly wore my spoiler Albus Severus shirt under my Luna costume (I believed Carpet!book was real at that time). That was a good moment, along with the Albus Severus chat and such.

So here's what I really want to say:
I feel like I'm waiting to wake up from a dream and discover the horror that is DH hasn't been published yet. But then I see the shirt and the book, and I realize that it is.

Does this make me pathetic? Wait...don't answer that.

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 So... I know it's been months and months...

But I just want to say, I loved this community and the week leading up to the release of the book. I look back on those days fondly, this was a fun community and I miss it's activeness, but of course when we learned the truth it was bound to slow down and fade away.

My heart sank when I opened my book to the last page and found that the leak was indeed real...

The book itself wasn't as bad as I imagined it would be, but that epilogue man.... hated it. In fact, I really couldn't handle it, so I've since taken a fanfiction written ending (someone who loathed the epilogue as much as myself) and I pasted it in the 7 blank pages in the back of the book. Cheesy and silly, but true. 

How did the rest of y'all cope in the days following Dealthy Hallows?

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albusseveruslol and it's active chat has been bringing the lulz around since right before book 7 was released. It was advertized on numerous communities and plenty of people were curious about what it was about. We were the chat that rocked the lulz and made fun of dear ol' Jaykay Rollingz. We're the group that prefers lulz to facts. (SIRIUSly. :3) We make fun of noobs, J.K., AS/S and everything else that brings the humor.

We're trying to get the word out so people don't get it confused with whatever else. It's pretty unique and lulz worthy.

[AIM Chat = AlbusSeverus]