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This post goes out to _sistersunshine

You  Wrote:
not sure if you knew this, but there's a war going on,
 there are kids in the world starving and dying of diseases...
Just FYI!

My reply: FIRST: I meant nothing I WROTE would be worse then this final book.
Meaning I wouldn't have started a series and ruined it. (my opinion)
I DID NOT mean there was nothing worse in the whole world!
 But this comm. isn't about the whole world!

SECOND: NO SHIT!  Heres something else for you to know:
My mother died just last may
She couldn't walk or eat because her cancer got so bad (and the treatments)
I had to quite school just to take care of her.
And when she did finally go I was thanking God for stopping her pain.

THIRD: Unless YOU are doing something to help stop hunger,and diseases yourself,
its pretty fucking stupid saying something to someone else.


To the mods: This is an immature post I know. If you wanna ban me or something thats fine.
                          If it means anything  I just had a really horrible day.  Sorry.
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