exhpfan (exhpfan) wrote in its_a_fake,

Looking again at the Hermionepotter77 pictures

I was referred to this site by Messha1971 when I opened my new blog trying to figure out WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED in the writing of Deathly Hallows.  Since I was intentionally off the internet during the spoiler period, I missed all the spoilers being posted.  I notice here that Perididdle posted the 6 Hermionepotter77 pictures in a photo Gallery comparing them to the carpet book.  When someone sent me two of the pictures at my diatssise site (Chapter 3 and The Other Cave) I started believing that maybe the Hermionepotter77 pictures were pictures of the original manuscript of Deathly Hallows prior to editing, but like Meesha1971 pointed out, this doesn't seem likely to me anymore because the pages on the TOC all matched up with the actual book.  Unless just the TOC was a fake picture then it is likely that chapter3, the other cave, and the epiloge were all fakes.

Does anyone who was following this community during the spoiler period know if there was a different TOC then the carpet book or the Hermionepotter77 picture that contained a chapter called the other cave or Wither thou Goest.

All members of this community are welcome to visit and view my journal and give their imput.  I'm about to concede that in all probablity my over-editing theory appears to not be confirmed by the Hermionepotter77 pictures.

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