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New Community!

Hi guys, I have set up a new community for anyone interested in Harry Potter who wants something to ask or say to JK Rowling.

Its called rowlings_inbox and its for people to write letters to the infamous author telling them waht they thing about the HP series, now that its all over *small sob*

so head on over, take a look, write a letter.

Looking forward to seeing you there ^_^

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Mods let me know if this isnt allowed or delete :) cheers.

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So I've Read the book =/

lots lots lots of thoughts flying around my mind - obviously helps confusion.

I think I liked it. Sure there were a lot of problems but parts were quite clever. I also thought Ron stole the show. My personal opinion maybe, but i think i love his character more than Harry's after reading this book. He gave me a lot of laugh out loud moments. Bless him ^_^

canon, fanfic, cliche. But im sure anything else I would have complained.

I still have a lot of issues so im trying to sort out the layout and the new letters to jk comm but i can NOT DO LAYOUTS. GRR.

lol, if anyone wants to help, please let me know :)

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This post goes out to _sistersunshine

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To the mods: This is an immature post I know. If you wanna ban me or something thats fine.
                          If it means anything  I just had a really horrible day.  Sorry.
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Looking for something...

I have a friend who refuses to believe there are that many things JKR said she would address in this final book that she did not. Is there an actual list anywhere, making direct comparisons? If not, then just the list of what she promised for this book will do. Does anybody know where I could find this? Thanks.


I've been lurking here for some time- laughing my butt off at everything.
I made a little something something.
Hope you like!

smug bug reading from carpetbook
stammers in few places
adds to conspiracy theories she didn't write it
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