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I'm sorry i dissapeared ... [MOD POST]

here, everyone and everwhere is under water. The whole oounty is flooded, and the water workds has been flooded and so we have no tap water. D: does not approve.

Because of these floods, I was first in my city to get Deathly Halllows XD I was at the front of the queue. I came home and filmed myself eating my hat. And talking and talking.... I edited it, but because of the floods... Or something, our internet wasnt working. And the wirless wont work... I have hijacked someones computer... to post this.

Once its working, and ive finished the book, things will hopefully pick up again. In the meantime im reading slowly to take everything in, it is my last chance to ever read HP again, no matter how bad it is...

And, just a point FTW, i dreamt last night that I was in town and someone came up to me with DH, but it had a different cover, saying it was amazing. I replied like o.O wtf and they told me that the book everyone had read wasnt the actual book and if i took mine to where i got it theyd give me the real thing XD haha it was an awesome feeling... but not real. I better go, I will be back soon al no doubt.... Missing posting on the comm all the time but the threat of floods is more important..

Love love love <3

Laura da mod. in da hood.

Fix the plothole

So, while I've finished the book I thought I might think of ways that the book would be better.

Problem #1-Ron's fake parseltongue: pure bullshit. In 1000 years nobody ever hissed in the girl's bathroom, for example?

Possible Solution-Harry could have sent his Patronus to speak parseltongue if he couldn't be there himself.

Anyone have any other plotholes and/or solutions? What would you have done with the Dursleys? (I wanted them to go into hiding at Grimmauld Place for a while.)
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I am one of those people who hadn't actually read the leak ahead of time.
I don't wish I had read it, so I am very content with my decision.

However, now I SERIOUSLY wonder why people were all like OMGSUCKSSSSSSSOMUCH. Really don't get it. *shrug*

But everyone may have his/her opinion, I suppose. :D
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Community Promo

I'm not sure if this is allowed (If not, please feel free to delete) but we just created a new comm dedicated to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows called everything_dh. We hope to see you guys there! Thanks!

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I've been lurking this community from the beginning, but I thought I would add in my two cents.

Underneath the cut is a hopefully amusing write-up of the book, which I pounded out in several minutes, high on fumes of disbelief and laughable wankery! Enjoy!

Deathly Hallows: A Not-So-Tidy Summary

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Hope this got a laugh out of you - for me, it was just a coping device meant to help me formulate my feelings on this crazy ass shit!

Oh Yeah.

I just wanted to say something before this emotional high I'm one wears off...


Oh man, was I right about the CARPET BOOK being the real book and the book ending up being almost utter crap. It's also kind of sad how, in the face of over-whelming evidence (see...most of my posts on the subject), more than half of this comm didn't want to believe me that the carpet book was the real book.


(PS. To anyone reading this? Yes, I do feel special/happy/vindicated that I was right about something, for once.)
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It's not related but....

I know it's not related but over here in Malaysia, four large bookstore chains - MPH, Times, Popular and Harris Bookstores with over 100 outlets in Malaysia have announced that they are NOT selling the new Deathly Hallows novel as a protest in an apparent pricewar between major bookstore chains and two large hypermarket chains over here.

The hypermarkets - Tesco and Carrefour have offered the new novels (hardcover) at RM 69.90 (thats approximately USD $ 20.51) while the other bookstore chains were selling the same book at RM 109.90 (USD $ 32.25) and that's a discount of over 36%!

I'm not sure the books are retailing in other countries, but sadly to say, Potter fans are the ones hurt most here as only pre-ordered books were available for collection at the four above-mentioned chains while no walk-in purchases would be entertained. So that left eager Potter-fans with no choice but to rush to the hypermarket stores to snap up rather limited quantities of the books. So that means some of the eager fans who have not pre-ordered the book will not be able to get a copy at all... Sigh :(

Read here:

And by the way, AS/S RAWKS! :P

Firefly: Malcolm Can&#39;t take the sky

(no subject) friend has propsed a new theory (after my considerable amount of ranting today at dinner and before).

 I decided I would tell it in brief story form, though I cut it just to be kind. Please ignore my mistakes...I'm at work, slightly distracted. Enjoy! :)

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Bah! I tried. Oh, well.
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